Romney for President

When in doubt, go with the fundamentals.

As Election Day 2012 dawns, most polls show the presidential race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tied. It shouldn’t be.

The American people possess common sense, despite their temporary flirtation with the 2008 Obama craze.

That craze has worn off as the reality of Obama’s record has been visited upon them, and that record of failure and human misery is not in dispute:

• 23 million Americans are out of work or struggling to find life-sustaining jobs;
• Unemployment is higher now than it was when Obama took office;
• Fewer people are working now than when Obama took office;
• Average annual take-home pay is $4,000 lower per family under his policies;
• Health insurance premiums are up $3,000 as a result of Obamacare, and are headed higher;
• Major companies are transitioning full-time workers with health insurance into part-time jobs without health insurance in order to avoid Obamacare’s onerous and sometimes incomprehensible provisions;
• Doctors are refusing to take new Medicare patients as the $716 billion that was cut from Medicare to fund Obamacare is subtracted from their reimbursements;
• Gasoline prices have nearly doubled;
• Food prices are skyrocketing;
• The national debt has increased by $5 trillion as Obama has run annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion for four straight years;
• The dollar depreciates as the Fed prints money with abandon to finance Obama’s profligate spending;
• In the summer of 2012, Obama refused to provide adequate security for our consulate in Benghazi, Libya despite repeated pleas from our personnel there. Then, after they were attacked on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11/2011 terrorist attacks, he watched the assault in real time, listened to their agonized pleas for help, and refused to send it. Before our ambassador’s corpse was cold, and as pictures of his brutalized body lying in the street were beamed around the world, Obama flew off to Las Vegas to campaign, raise money and party with the rich and fabulous. Our troops watched in disbelief as their commander-in-chief violated the sacred rule against leaving a man behind on the battlefield. Morale plunged;
• Obama concocted a cover story to hide his miserable failures in the war on terror. He blamed the consulate attack on a “spontaneous uprising” fueled by Muslim outrage over an Internet video critical of the prophet Muhammad, knowing full-well that the assault was pre-planned and executed by highly-trained, well-armed terrorists to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary;
• Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, Obama used the episode as an opportunity to advance his long-held dream of debasing the 1st Amendment by jailing the producer of the video;
• As his poll numbers sank, the chance to dress up as president for Halloween arrived in the form of Super Storm Sandy, which devastated parts of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Obama flew to New Jersey for a photo-op among the ruins and stayed just long enough for network news sycophants to coo approvingly at his presidential demeanor. Then he flitted off to Vegas again for more campaigning;
• But over the next few days the nation watched in horror as tens of thousands of Staten Island residents went without food, water, shelter, heat, gasoline or basic sanitation because Obama’s FEMA lacked the basic common sense to preposition supplies, despite two-weeks’ warning of the storm.

Americans sense that something is off with this man. His incompetence is evidenced by the aforementioned facts, but it goes well beyond that.

We understand that Obamacare will lead to healthcare rationing (and ultimately to euthanasia) for the most vulnerable among us, and 54% of us want it repealed.

There exists in the collective consciousness of America the conviction that it’s morally wrong and functionally counterproductive for Mr. Obama to pit rich against poor, black against white, young against old, healthy against infirm, and government against religion while he tries to shift blame for our failing economy and decaying society to someone else. Anyone else.

We grow weary of his bitter complaints about his predecessor, the rich, Congress and the Catholic Church, while he whines that he hasn’t had enough time to accomplish the turn-around for which he was elected.

And then, in one of those iconic and revealing moments, his seething anger and bitter resentment were laid bare for all to witness.

During a speech to his true-believers, they booed at the mention of his opponent’s name. “Don’t boo”, Obama said. “Vote. Voting is the best revenge.”

Revenge? Revenge for what, and against whom?

Obama’s act is wearing thin.

Mitt Romney’s history of success as a husband, father, grandfather, church elder, staggeringly successful businessman, head of the Olympics, and Governor fit the bill. His record of governing Massachusetts in the spirit of bipartisanship as a Republican with the 80% Democrat Legislature augurs well for the challenges he will face as president in Washington’s poisonous, partisan culture.

In Massachusetts, he turned a $3 billion deficit into a surplus, while elevating the public schools to number one in the nation, without raising taxes or compromising public safety.

Unlike Obama, Governor Romney sees America as the hope of the world, rather than as the source of the world’s problems.

Mr. Romney is the right man for this time in our nation’s history. The American people sense that.

Go with the fundamentals.

Romney for president.

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